• Image of Big Bag Wolf
  • Image of Big Bag Wolf

Made in Hungary

Roll-top backpack with two front pockets

Size: 30 L
Carries: MAX. 15 KG
Dimensions: 40x70x15 cm (unrolled) / 40x45x15 cm (rolled)
Fabric: waterproof military waxed cotton canvas
Color: military green
Lining: made of waterproof fabric
Bottom: Reinforced with 4 black leather circles on the corners

Padded shoulder straps with re-adjustable chest strap, additional reinforcement with seat belt strap.

The back part of the bag is padded with poly foam for additional comfort

There are 2 adjustable straps on each side with two side pockets (U-lock fits perfectly on side panels).

Closure on the top: with velcro and plastic (DuraFlex) 3cm buckle

Bag also includes small inner zipper (YKK) pocket ( 25 cm in width and 20 cm in height) on the back part of the bag.

Care instructions for waxed canvas:

- Try washing dirt off with water and a small brush.
- If the bag is heavily soiled use bar soap, flaked soap or saddle soap
(you can use any stain-remover soap, but do not use detergent)
- Never use detergent (liquid or powder) to clean the bag.
- Never dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the wax finish.
- Do not put these bags in the washing machine