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Please note that production time before shipping is 15-20 days.

Made in Hungary

Product Type: Roll-top backpack
Weight: 1150 g
Dimensions: 30x60(45)x12 cm
(width on to/height (rolled)/depth)
Size: 20 liters (rolled)
Max. load: 8-10kg

Base: 100% impregnated Cotton canvas in olive green color
Lining: Waterproof fabric in dark brown color

Additional Information:
- 1 front pocket with push button closure
- 2 front buckles (Duraflex), 2 side buckles and two velcro straps for attaching the board to the front panel
- Padded shoulder straps with additional, chest strap, and padded back.
- Velcro closure on top.
- Bag also includes 2 small inner pocket ( 25 cm in width and 20 cm in height on the back part of the bag, 10x10 cm on side)
- Bottom of the bag is reinforced with black leather circles for durability

The two style photos are of the first edition Scumbag, and the leather label is darker color as it is used now. Your Scumbag will come with a label in natural color.