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Product Type: Roll-top backpack
Weight: 1550 g
Dimensions: 38cm x 65(45 rolled) cm x 15cm
(width on to/height (rolled)/depth)
Size: 30 liters (rolled)
Max. load: 10kg

-Base: 100% impregnated Cotton canvas + PE in olive green color
-Lining: Waterproof PE fabric

Additional Information:
- 1 front pocket (38cm in width, 18cm in height) (separated into 3 smaller ones: 15/8/15 cm) and middle pocket (38cm in width, 25cm in height) with zipper closure.
- An open pocket (W 15CM x H 18CM) and two adjustable straps on each side panel.
- Padded zipper pocket on the inside of the bag (36cm in width, 36cm in height) and a small zipper pocket opposite of that (20cm in width, 19cm in height)

- Padded shoulder straps with adjustable chest strap and padded back.
- Four loops on the front side of the bag for several attachments.
- Closure of the top with velcro and an over flap with two side release buckles.

- Bag also includes a small zipper pocket ( 22 cm in width and 20 cm in height) on the front side of the flap
- Bottom of the bag is reinforced with leather circles for durability

Product is made in Hungary.