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Product Type: Lightweight roll-top backpack

Weight: 525 g (1 piece)
Dimensions: 38cm x 64(55 rolled) cm x 12cm (width on to/height (rolled)/depth)
Size: 15 liters (rolled)
Max. load: 5kg

Material: Extreme - X-PacTM
Content: 80% Nylon 20% Polyester
Construction: 500 x 1000 denier Cordura Nylon face Black Polyester X-PLYTM at 22°
.5 mil shiny polyester film backing, C6 DWR finish
Features: Extreme - X-PacTM is a high performance, super strong, water-resistant material designed for the adventurer’s essentials.
One of the strongest version of X-Pac due to its durable 500x1000den Cordura nylon.
The multilayer-construction combines several properties: abrasion-resistant Cordura on the outside, a thin, transparent film on the inside and strong X-PLY-fibers in between, providing an extremely durable, tear-resistant and 100% waterproof material.
Composition: Cordura Nylon, Polyester

Additional Information:
- front zipper pocket (23cm in width, 26cm in height)
- Closure of the top can be rolled and adjust with two side release buckles either on sides or on the top inserting into each other.
- 2 loops on the front side of the bag for optional attachments.
- All backpacks come with a 20l dry bag, which can be inserted inside of the pack to provide double protection against heavy rain.
- front and back handle ropes for easier application and carriage when pannier is off the rack.


3 tent hooks on the top and 1 at the bottom of the back serve as attachment to the bike rack.
The dimension of the hook (9mm) due to its flexibility fits to to all rack tubes from 9mm to 11mm width.
The hook at the bottom is attached to the bag through a longer strap, which allows for the user to apply it on bike rack with quite wide range of geometry.
Please, make sure, you check the proportions and placement of the hooks on technical drawing before you make your final decision.

Product is made in Hungary.

Wash & Care Instructions:

Dimension-Polyant fabrics are incredibly strong and tough but they do take special cleaning care.

Despite of the general Cordura, this combined X-Pac material cannot be machine washed, because it can harm the composition of the fabric!
The material has a durable water repellent (DWR) finish on the front face of the fabric. The DWR helps the fabric shed water and stains. Over a period of time this DWR finish will wear off and needs to be replenished. If your fabric stops beading water on the front face you can replenish this finish with a protectant

DO NOT machine wash or machine dry. This will severely affect the material properties, and may cause de-lamination.
Do not use bleach, solvents or other harsh chemicals
Use mild soap and water to wash
Rub with a soft cloth or sponge
Rinse with fresh water
Hang to dry

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